In many instances when trees are to be removed there is not enough room to safely fell a tree without causing any damage therefor the tree must be dismantled.


Removal of poplar (before) in BarnsleyPoplars after removal in Barnsley

Dismantling can be done from either a MEWP (mobile elevated work platform)  or by climbing. Either way the dismantling process involves the tree being cut down in smaller sections to ensure that no damage is done. This requires a lot of skill, knowledge and experience. This is why D W Tree Services only employs qualified tree surgeons and has its own training system to ensure that its employees have the relevant experience complete the job in a safe and prompt manor abiding to BS 3998 (the British standard set for tree surgery).

Ash before removal in Huddersfield

Partly dismantled ash tree in HuddersfieldSectional felling of ash tree in Huddersfield

Ash tree stump after tree removal in Huddersfield

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