Tree Surgery Techniques

Some people believe that tree surgery is just about “lopping and chopping” but there is a lot more to tree surgery then that. In a lot of cases the tree doesn’t need to be removed it just needs to be pruned in the correct manner to achieve the desired affect.

Crown lifting – Crown lifting is when the lower branches of a tree are removed so the canopy of the tree starts higher. This allows room for people and traffic to pass underneath and can let more light pass through the tree canopy. Regulations have been put down for crown lifting for example trees must be crown lifted to 2.5m over a public footpath and to 5.2 meters over a public road.

Dead wooding – This is where all the dead wood (within reason) is removed from the tree canopy. In some instances the size of dead branches within a tree may be reduced but not completely removed, this is regarded as a more ecologically friendly method of management as it retains a habitat for fungal and inverterbrate colonisation without compromising on safety.

Crown thinning – Crown Thinning is when certain branches (including crossing branches, dead wood and epicormic growth) are removed evenly over the whole of the tree to allow more light and wind to pass through.

Reducing - When you reduce the size of the height of the tree it is usually good practise to reshape the whole of the tree in relation to how much you have reduced the tree by.

photo of a sycamore before its reduction in HuddersfieldA photo of a sycamore tree after its reduction in Huddersfield

Pollarding – pollarding is when you remove all of the branches and just leave the stump and let epicormic growth form a much smaller tree canopy, this should be repeated on a regular occurrence i.e. 5 year rotation as epicormic shoots can form weaker growth points making them more prone to failure  (only certain trees and cope with this method of management).

Removal of tree- This is where you cut the tree down to ground level by either:

Felling or


Photo of a horse chestnut tree before it was removed in HuddersfieldPhoto of a horse chestnut tree during its removal in HuddersfieldPhoto of a horse chestnut tree after its removal in Huddersfield

Stump Grinding – This is where a machine grinds the stump out so there is nothing of the tree left on the surface.

Hedge cuttingD W Tree Services also do hedge cutting

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