Stump Grinding

Homeowners who have had a tree removed from their property can often be left with the stump of the tree.  Stumps that have been left behind after tree removal can often be described as unsightly, they can be taking up valuable gardening space, and even in some instances be hazardous.

Stump left before stump removal in Huddersfield

Although tree stumps can be left after tree felling, it is often considered good practise to remove the stump when in a garden, this prevents suckers being produced from the stump without the risks of using herbicide. Removing the stump can also prevent the spread of disease.

stump grinder grinding stump away in Huddersfield

Stump grinders work by powering a heavy wheel which have sets of teeth which gradually grind the wood away bit by bit until eventually there is eventually nothing of the stump left.

site after stump has been removed in Huddersfield

This  large stump in the photo above also had many surface roots which were also removed.

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